Class Description

Yoga Asana is mainly all the same ingredients.

Which class you are taking depends on how those pieces are put together. 



Vinyasa - A more flowing, dynamic class. Vinyasa syncs the breath with each asana you move through.

Hatha - ‘Ha’ means Sun, ‘tha’ means moon. A balancing of opposites, Hatha Yoga is most widely practiced in the West. Seated, reclined, balancing or inversions, Hatha has you holding each pose a few breaths at a time.

Yin - Opposing the muscular Hatha and Vinyasa poses, Yin is a passive yoga practice that targets our ligaments and stretches deep in facial networks. Poses are held for at least 4-6 minutes each.

Restorative - Using various props and holding each pose for several minutes, restorative yoga can be a very soothing to the body and mind. Mostly reclined and seated poses where the body is heavily supported.


Pranayama - If you’ve ever been curious about taking your practice to another level, look into a place of Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation. Benefits include further connection of the mind and breath. Through this, we are able to relieve tension, anxiety and pain. It allows us to tap into happiness, bliss and peace along with a vitality and cleansing of our consciousness. Certain forms of Pranayama have a way of building energy and endurance and have been proven to improve digestion and weight loss.

Meditation - Quieting the mind. One of our hardest obstacles but as important to our brains as a good nights sleep is to our bodies. It's a different kind of hurdle that takes practice. We could start with guided meditation or Yoga Nidra to get things going. Meditation carries many benefits along with pranayama. It's worth the work.